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Buku    Psikologi & Pengembangan Diri    Parenting

Parenting Points: 99 Bits of Wisdom to Raise a Happy and Capable Child

Berat 0.40
Tahun 2020
ISBN 9786024338909
Penerbit Yayasan Obor Indonesia
Sinopsis       Buku Sejenis
Harga: Rp150.000
Dikirim 2-5 hari berikutnya SETELAH pembayaran diterima. (Senin s/d Jumat, kecuali hari libur)


Parenting Points will help guide parents through the ups and downs of their child's early development. It offer straightforward advice, understandable explanations and real-life examples of many of the dilemmas commonly faced by parents. It focuses on how to raise their child using a positive, constructive and sensitive approach. From defining developmental expectations to providing advice on behavior management to outlining the importance of positive changes that support their child. Parenting Points navigates parents through the maze of issues that they often face when trying to do the right thing for their children.
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