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Back to The Original 1945 Constitution of The Republic of Indonesia

Berat 0.31
Tahun 2020
Halaman 212
ISBN 9786024464875
Penerbit Rosda
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Everytime Indonesia revise or amend the 1945 Constitution, this nation has always experienced political disability. That political chaos had spread into other various life sectors, including socioeconomic. When changing the 1945 Constitution with Republic of Indonesia Union Constitution (RIS) in early of independence era, Indonesia plunged in Liberal Democracy immediately. As a result, the cabinet had ruined; the constituent meetings had always in chaotic and finally found a deadlock. The political atmosphere was stable after the President Soekarno issued the decree on July 5 1959 known as The Presidential Decree July 5 1959.

The power of President Soekarno had ended following the movement of G30S/PKI. Then Indonesia had a long political stability when President Soeharto was in power of New Order for about 32 years. Can be said that the great stability was created when it was more supported by the government system which was implementing 1945 Constitution and Pancasila relatively genuine and consistent.

Entering the reformation era after carrying out the fourth amendment, Indonesia had continued to be tinged in chaotic. Natural resources became starved; even the sovereignty of the nation and state were almost mortgaged. Behold this increasingly worrisome situation, Prof. Dr. Idrus Affandi, S.H. had called to return to 1945 Constitution because this constitution was the proper central ideology for this nation.
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Daftar Isi

Building the Constitution
01 Back to the Original 1945 Constitution
02 A Halfhearted Amendment
03 Dividing the Loot
04 The New Form of “Divide et Impera”
05 The Lost Generation
06 Political Literacy
07 Presidential Decree, It’s About Time!
08 Pancasilaistic Governor Election
09 Back to Pancasilaistic Democracy
10 Three Periods

Towards Greater Indonesia
11 Cutting down On
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