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Buku    Bahasa & Kamus    Bahasa Indonesia

Travel and Talk Indonesian: Travel to Indonesia

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ISBN 9789795936862
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THIS PACKAGE ​FEATURES: •​ Bilingual ​Indonesian - ​English. • ​Over 1500 most ​commonly used ​Indonesian words ​and 500 Indonesian​ simple phrases ​(in total there ​are 2000 ​vocabulary). • ​Suitable for ​foreigner travelers​ who use English ​and need to learn​ common Indonesian ​phrases in over ​20 themes such ​as: ​Greetings&introducti​on, Money & ​Accommodation, ​Places & ​Direction, ​Transportation, ​Office&Business ​etc. • Audio ​narrated by native​ speakers. ​--------------------​---------------- ​ Bahasa Indonesia​ (Indonesian) is ​the official ​(national) language​ of Indonesia ​since the ​Independence Day ​of Indonesian in ​1945 which was ​inspired by the ​Sumpah Pemuda ​(Youth Oath) event​ in 1928. ​Indonesian is also​ the second ​language in the ​Indonesian ​archipelago as ​most of Indonesian​ speaks one of ​more than 700 ​indigenous ​languages. ​Bahasa is spoken ​by the majority ​of Indonesian ​large population ​(the fourth most ​populous nation in​ the world), and ​this means it is ​one of the most ​widely spoken ​language in the ​world. It is ​abundantly used in​ the media, ​government bodies, ​schools, ​university, working​ places, amongst ​members of the ​Indonesian ​upper-class or ​nobility and also ​in many other ​formal situations. ​Standard and ​formal Indonesian ​is also used in ​books and ​newspapers, and on​ television, radio,​ or news ​broadcasts. ​This book provides​ standard Bahasa ​for those who ​want to use the ​Indonesian for ​their daily basis ​survival. The ​author selected ​vocabularies and ​phrases that will ​help the users ​how to express ​their ideas in ​Indonesian. The ​topics provided ​are more than 15 ​topics such: as ​greetings and ​introductions, ​numbers, time, ​money, shopping, ​food and ​beverages, body ​treatment, ​communication, ​transportation, ​public ​transportation, ​places and ​directions, ​traveling, hospital​ and disease, ​department store, ​and many more. ​The author expects​ the readers will ​find this pocket ​book useful and ​handy in assisting​ them using ​Indonesian in ​their daily life ​use, especially ​every time they ​travel to ​Indonesia.
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