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Telkom 3010: Inside Story Telkom Value Creation (English Version)

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Berat 0.88
Tahun 2016
ISBN 9786024120030
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Harga: Rp123.000
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This book not only relates what has been accomplished, but also how things are accomplished, a bout the implementation of the four strategic initiatives to increase the market cap of Telkom from USD 10 billion in 2005 to USD 30 billion in 2010.
Armed with the trust placed in him by the Government, Arwin was determined to make Telkom a Fortune Global 500 company with a market value of USD 30 billion by 2010.
Having served for less than half of his term, he and his team had successfully doubled the market capitalization of the state-owned telecommunications giant so that it accounted for more than 16 percent of the total value of the Indonesian stock market. Both market players and the company’s other stakeholders warmly welcomed the various strategic initiatives he introduced to boost the company’s value.
”Telkom3010: Inside Story Telkom Value Creation” recounts the winding and challenging journey of a CEO with a background in the financial services industry in managing the country’s leading infocom player. This book should be read by professionals and potential future business leaders.
Under his stellar leadership, Arwin Rasyid has driven Telkom’s market capitalization more than doubled from USD 10 billion to over USD 20 billion. Chua Sock Koong, Group CEO of Singtel
The most significant challenges a leader can face are changing paradigms, molding culture, and creating a legacy. As one of our foremost business executives, Arwin Rasyid has been consistent in addressing all these challenges during his time at Telkom. Dr. Dorodjatun Kuntjoro–Jakti, Professor of Economics at the University of Indonesia, former Coordinating Minister of Economics - Republic of Indonesia
Arwin’s leadership paved the way for the continued acceleration of Telkom to its status today as a rising global power in its sector and a shining example of how SOE can still deeply committed to change and increasing agility. John Kurtz, Country Manager AT Kearney
Insightful personal purview of Telkom’s rise. Interesting anecdotes rarely shared in written form. A must-read for foreigner wanting to do business in Indonesia telco’s space. Raoul Oberman, Former Country Manager and Senior Partner McKinsey
Arwin talked about creating a customer-centric organization—and then he delivered, nearly doubling the number of customers and the stock prices in only two years. To Arwin Rasyid, change agent: thank you. F. Chapman Taylor, Partner, Capital International Research, Inc.
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