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Practical Indonesian In A Week

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Tahun 2015
Halaman 208
ISBN 9789795937234
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Indonesia is the ​home to ​approximately 240 ​million people, ​spread across ​more than 17,500 ​islands with at ​least 500 tribes, ​and more than 700​ languages. With ​such diversity and​ a vast sea ​territory including​ many smaller ​islands, the ​Indonesian ​archipelago ​provides a rich ​and unique ​experience for you​ to explore. ​“Ladies and ​gentlemen, good ​morning... This is​ your ​opportunity,” ​said President ​Joko Widodo ​(Jokowi) in his ​speech during his ​first international​ diplomatic mission​ (APEC 2014). That​ reflects how we ​Indonesians want ​to open our ​country to you. ​ In the past ​there have only ​been a limited ​number of ​resources available​ that provide a ​comprehensive, ​easy-to-use ​introduction to ​the Indonesian ​language. In this ​book there is ​also added ​benefits like ​native insights ​and local cultural​ knowledge. ​Practical ​Indonesian in a ​Week was designed ​primarily to ​achieve these ​goals. First, the ​book was written ​by two experienced​ Indonesian native ​expatriate tutors. ​Second, the book ​was designed using​ a structure that ​will help you to ​quickly understand ​the basics of ​Indonesian language​ and culture with ​plenty of ​practical examples.​ The culture ​and language ​learning method ​that Practical ​Indonesian in a ​Week provides will​ be very helpful ​for you, the ​expatriate, ​traveler, student, ​or even for short​ term visitors. It​ provides ​applicable ​information, useful​ vocabulary, ​practical ​conversation ​examples, daily ​grammar sections, ​and some exercises​ you can do to ​better understand ​the language. Its ​traveling & ​visiting themes ​will be a good ​companion for you ​while visiting the​ rich culture and ​Indonesia’s ​hospitable people. ​ Practical ​Indonesian in a ​Week also provides​ an audio CD ​narrated by native​ speakers, so you ​can easily ​understand how to ​pronounce ​Indonesian words ​and expression ​provided by the ​book, not to ​mention getting ​yourself more ​acquainted to the ​new sounds of the​ language.
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