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Jerusalem: Sanctity, Conflict, and Final Judgment

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Berat 2.00
Tahun 2016
ISBN 9786024120979
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Concurrently, the sanctity of Jerusalem is torn by various unresolved conflicts between Israel and Palestine. What is the history of these conflicts and what are the resulting efforts for peace between Israel – Palestine
Is it true that the city of Jerusalem will be the final place of judgment for mankind? Is it true that the Messiah will return through the closed Gates of Mercy?

This book will take you back throughout history as well as giving an overview of Jerusalem at the end of time.
The History of Jerusalem as a holy city that hosts three of the worlds major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, has been carved over the course of 5,000 years. Shaping Jerusalem into a city that that strongly appreciates all human values. Trias’ book is comprehensive. K.H. Abdurahman Wahid, 4th  President of Indonesia
Trias Kuncahyono’s book gives us an insight into the great history of Jerusalem, as well as portraying the irony. By reading this book, one can expect to gain inspiration, if not to assist in its completion, it drives one to pray for this historic city to exude the charm in accordance with the meaning of its name, Legacy of Peace. Ninok Leksono, History Lecturer, International Relations - FISIP-UI/ Member of the National Research Council
The presence of Trias’ book brings a new awareness that covers the importance of viewing Jerusalem from conscience (‘Ayn al ridha), rather than through the eyes of hatred (‘Ayn al sukhth). Zuhairi Misrawi Young Intellectual of NU
This book describes the phenomena revolving a ‘triangular universe’. Three-points that encapsulate a place of safety upon this earth, where the name of the Lord be glorified. The triangle represents a balance between three human behavioral traits, the instinctive urge to seek primacy (Ngudi Kautamaan), majesty (Ngudi Kaluhuran) and perfection (Ngudi Kasampurnaan). Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, Governor of the Special Regions of Yogyakarta
This book is proof that the author is not only a journalist but an expert in history and religious-socio-political research. The book is simple in language and easy to read. Trias Kuncahyono’s work appropriately juxtaposes and compares itself with the works of Karen Armstrong. This book is a work that attempts to bridge the conflict and mutual suspicion between the adherents of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat, Rector of the State Islamic University, Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta
Sanctity, conflict, and final judgment became a long history involving many parties, including those found external to Jerusalem. Starting with the mother’s passing speech. He reveals a concrete level of experience in journalism. The book is enriched by its collection of varying accounts on history, politics and theology. I very am fortunate to have read this book. Dr. Budi Subanar, S.J., The lecturer of Religion and Culture  Masters Program, Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta
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