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Get Talking Indonesian

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Indonesian language​ or often called ​as Bahasa ​Indonesia is a ​language spoken by​ approximately 240 ​million native ​speakers in the ​Republic of ​Indonesia itself. ​Bahasa Indonesia ​is a national ​language uniting ​the uniqueness of ​various tribes in ​thousands of ​islands in ​Indonesia. It’s ​a national ​language that has ​a long history ​back to the ​Sumpah Pemuda ​(Youth Declaration)​ 28 October 1928 ​as one of the ​recoqnized three ​pillars ​nation-building. ​ Nowadays in ​practical context, ​most of Indonesian​ speaks Bahasa ​(acronym for ​Bahasa Indonesia), ​only Indonesian ​live in few rural​ areas that may ​not speak ​Indonesian and use​ local languages ​instead. This can ​be challenging if ​you are an ​adventurous type ​that love to ​visit distant ​exotic regions. On​ big cities like ​Jakarta, Bandung, ​Jogjakarta, ​Surabaya, Medan, ​even to Makassar, ​using Bahasa as a​ foreigner may be ​a little tricky. ​The key is, if ​you are aiming to​ establish ‘au ​naturel’ ​communication with ​Indonesian, is to ​use ​“communicative” ​Bahasa everytime ​you engage them ​in direct ​less-formal ​communication. ​Bahasa native ​speakers use this ​“communicative” ​version of Bahasa ​in most of the ​daily ​conversations, ​while the formal ​one is used when ​they speak to ​senior ​members/elders, ​write a formal ​letters or ​business e-mails, ​academic thesis, ​etc. In GET ​TALKING INDONESIAN:​ 10 DAYS AUDIO ​COURSE, we will ​teach you how to ​master the basics ​and able to use ​the formal Bahasa.​ After you have ​mastered this ​formal form of ​Bahasa, getting ​yourself familiar ​with the ​communicative form ​of Bahasa would ​be easier, and ​can be developed ​anytime during ​your visit on ​this beautiful and​ friendly country. ​ ​--------------------​--------------------​---------------- ​ LEARNING ​ESSENTIALS: ​1. Contains over ​100 vocabulary and​ over 50 ​Indonesian ​expressions to get​ you talking ​Indonesian. 2. ​10 days audio ​course to support ​your visit/trip. ​3. Contains ​practical themes ​such as hotel ​reservation, ​checking-in, ​ordering a taxi, ​asking for ​direction, money ​changer, ​shop&restaurant, ​airport and ​socializing with ​Indonesian friends.​ 4. Narrated by ​native speakers.
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