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English for Professional Tour Guiding Services

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Berat 0.47
Tahun 2016
ISBN 9786020332017
Penerbit Gramedia Pustaka Utama
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ENGLISH FOR PROFESSIONAL TOUR GUIDING SERVICES is highly recommended for tourism schools and travel industries. This course book is intended for pre-intermediate tourism students majoring in and travel employees of tour guiding services. It provides materials for improving the four language skills and developing the knowledge and understanding required to become professional tour guides. This practical book provides very systematic guides for learners to practice communication within tour guide services. By employing a wide range of creative activities, this book aims: a. To practice welcoming tourists, giving and asking information, preparing tour itineraries, orientation meeting and briefi ng, guiding commentary on the way, giving local food information, telling a legend, suggesting places of interest to visit, dealing with unexpected events, handling customer complaints, explaining safety, rule, etiquette and customs, reporting tour activity, designing tourist brochures, planning packaged tours, etc. b. To enable learners to self-study practicing the language both in written and spoken forms through guided, semi-guided, and free learning activities. c. To help learners improve their fl uency and accuracy in using the language throughout their future careers. ENGLISH FOR PROFESSIONAL TOUR GUIDING SERVICES is written by an experienced academic instructor of the language. This book is used widely by tourism school students, travel employees, and tour guides all over Indonesia.
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