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Bali Heavenly: Wedding and Honeymoon Places in Bali

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Berat 0.79 kg
Tahun 2014
Halaman 208
ISBN 9786020310329
Penerbit Gramedia Pustaka Utama
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Every couple wants their wedding to be the most beautiful moment in their lives. Exchanging vows to be faithful to each other while surrounded by family and relatives as well as the beautiful nature is what makes a wedding such a beautiful moment. Bali, as one of the favorite destination for honeymooners is not only beautiful as the place to go for honeymoon, but also the right place to tie the knot. With all the beauty of nature and the hospitality of the local people, Bali deserved to be called the land of the Gods.

This book not only provides a variety of interesting venues as reference for those who wish to get married or have a honeymoon in Bali. As one of the spa destination in the world, this book also offers a variety of spas available in Bali.
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